Unlock the Power of TikTok Shop Ads & How They Maximize Ecommerce Growth
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Unlock the Power of TikTok Shop Ads to Maximize Your Growth

This is your golden ticket to leveraging one of the most powerful advertising platforms today. Discover what makes TikTok Shop Ads a game-changer in the digital marketplace.

Join TikTok and Agital in this on-demand LinkedIn webinar to learn:

  • Why you should set up a TikTok Shop for your brand, and how it works.
  • TikTok Shop Ads—what they are and how they differ from other ad types.
  • How to leverage TikTok campaigns and best practices to scale revenue.

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  • Mike Daley

    Agency Partnership Manager

  • Ethan Kramer

    Ethan Kramer

    Founder of EK Creative, an Agital Company

    Ethan Kramer

    Founder of EK Creative, an Agital Company

    Ethan Kramer is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of EK Creative, a trailblazing social commerce and digital agency that is a certified CommentSold Partners and one of the first TikTok Shop Partners in the US. In the last 28 days, EK Creative has helped clients generate over $1,000,000 in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) on TikTok Shop, solidifying their position as leaders in leveraging emerging platforms for ecommerce success.

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