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How a Leading Maternity Retailer Grew 45% While Lowering Cost Per Acquisition

Maternity retailer Solly Baby was looking to scale their acquisition efforts by efficiently acquiring new customers across paid and organic media. Discover how they saw substantial growth while lowering cost per acquisition with a holistic approach, including paid social, paid search, product ads, SEO, influencer marketing, and affiliate efforts.  

You will learn: 

  • How to amplify growth for your ecommerce brand at a reduced cost by using a robust digital marketing strategy with a smart media mix.
  • Methods for crushing your KPIs, like increasing revenue by more than 46% YoY while maintaining a consistent customer lifetime value (CLTV), like Solly Baby.  
  • SEO techniques for climbing an average of 2+ search rankings across all keywords, generating 4× your clicks, and snagging 6× your impressions YoY.

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  • Nicole Newhouse

    Chief Executive Officer at Solly Baby

    Nicole Newhouse

    Chief Executive Officer at Solly Baby

    Nicole Newhouse is the CEO of Solly Baby, a global baby brand, offering an assortment of eco-friendly wraps, baby essentials (sleepers, swaddles and more). A strategic leader, Nicole has almost 20 years of experience building some of the most iconic brands in health and wellness (Honest Beauty, Target, Crossfit etc.) Taking over at the helm of Solly Baby from founder Elle Rowley is a full circle moment for Nicole. As a new mom, the Solly Baby wrap was a saving grace with her daughter, Ella, as it brought comfort, connection and confidence to the journey of parenthood. While she’s held many titles, the one she’s most proud of is “mom” and it’s her dream to be able to spend her days supporting mamas & families.

  • Meghan Ouellette

    Managing Partner at Agital

    Meghan Ouellette

    Managing Partner at Agital

    In her 5+ years at Agital, Meghan has been developing innovative digital marketing strategies that drive client growth. From leading a team responsible for all client deliverables to directly supporting some of Agital’s largest clients, Meghan’s efforts have consistently resulted in remarkable growth for the brands she manages. Meghan is proud to help clients navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing while always focusing on underlying performance.

  • Nik Rajpal

    VP of Marketing Sciences at Agital

    Nik Rajpal

    VP of Marketing Sciences at Agital

    In 15 years with Agital, Nik has held several pivotal roles from growing our organic search department to building out our sales efforts. He has crafted thousands of custom marketing plans that result in tremendous growth. Nothing makes him happier than helping others succeed!

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