Microsoft Ads: New Releases & Vital Performance Tips
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Microsoft Ads: New Releases & Vital Performance Tips

Today’s Microsoft Ads platform is coming into its own and no longer hiding in Google’s shadow. With innovative, performance-driven features, MSN has become ecommerce brands’ new obsession, moving closer to commanding an equal share of paid search spend. But—just like with Google—to achieve optimal performance, you need to learn and master the nuances of Microsoft Ads. 
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about several unique features of Microsoft Ads that are spurring increased investment:

  • LinkedIn Targeting: Advertisers can now target users with specific attributes, including job function, industry, and even company.
  • Microsoft Audience Ads: Provide display-based advertising on exclusive premium sites like MSN, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Edge.   
  • Unique Ad Extensions: Extensions like reviews, logo, and filter link are all unique offerings compared to their Google Ads counterpart.

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  • Victoria Johnson

    Partner Account Manager, Microsoft Advertising

    Victoria Johnson

    Partner Account Manager, Microsoft Advertising

    Victoria Johnson is a seasoned leader and a distinguished MBA who has delivered results for more than 15 years in various domains of digital marketing. She has extensive experience in managing client relationships, providing strategic consulting, optimizing ads at scale, and integrating SAAS solutions & API expansions. She has worked in both the FinTech and Tech sectors and has successfully handled projects for companies of varying sizes and industries. At Microsoft, she manages Channel Partners with revenue primarily in North America, to grow Microsoft Advertising’s footprint in our Generative-AI driven Bing Ads ecosystem to expand their ad network and reach for maximum global exposure. Before joining Microsoft Advertising, as a Sr. Manager at Amazon, she managed top selling partners & helped them boost their Seller Central metrics and revenue, providing strategic recommendations on optimizing Product Ads and ad placements, product releases & seasonal sales Advertising & Social Media strategies. Victoria has a BA in Communications from Indiana University and an MBA, from Louisiana State University both earned with honors, and she possesses several relevant certifications, in both Microsoft Advertising and Google Analytics. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. I’m really looking forward to working with you!

  • Nik Rajpal

    VP of Marketing Sciences at Agital

    Nik Rajpal

    VP of Marketing Sciences at Agital

    In 15 years with Agital, Nik has held several pivotal roles from growing our organic search department to building out our sales efforts. He has crafted thousands of custom marketing plans that result in tremendous growth. Nothing makes him happier than helping others succeed!

  • Logan Durant

    VP of Paid Media Strategy​ at Agital

    Logan Durant

    VP of Paid Media Strategy​ at Agital

    Logan has been with Agital for 11 years. He launched the agency’s Google Shopping and Marketplace services, and has been building high-performing search marketing teams ever since. Today, he helps create paid advertising strategies for Agital’s largest clients. In his spare time, Logan can be found playing soccer with his two boys or strumming chords on his guitar.

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