2024 Kick-off: Maximizing Google Ads Sales in 2024
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Jumpstart Your 2024 SEO: Facts, Myths, & Omissions

You’ll Learn:

  • Mobile-first optimizations for Google’s current algorithm.
  • Google’s rapidly evolving obsession with Page Experience.
  • How generative AI tests from 2023 are performing in 2024.
  • Why old school ranking forums are re-surfacing on Google.

In 2023 Google went wild with big, late-year updates that changed the way brands drive organic traffic. 

To help marketers navigate the future of SEO, we tracked, tested, and analyzed all changes Google implemented last year. Now is the best time to build your SEO strategy to drive organic traffic and enhance campaign performance across all digital channels.

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  • Nik Rajpal

    VP of Marketing Sciences|Agital

    Nik Rajpal

    VP of Marketing Sciences|Agital

    In 16 years with Agital, Nik has held several pivotal roles from developing our core service offerings (SEO, Google Ads, conversion testing, email, and Amazon Ads) to building out our sales efforts. He has crafted thousands of custom marketing plans that result in tremendous growth. Nothing makes him happier than helping others succeed!

  • Rebecca Antonellis

    VP SEO & Owned Media at Agital

    Rebecca Antonellis

    VP SEO & Owned Media at Agital

    As a tenured leader at Agital for 11 years, Rebecca and her team drive program and service innovation for SEO, content, conversion testing, email, and SMS marketing. She is responsible for (and passionate about!) establishing best practices and enhancing process for client audits, strategy development, delivery, and reporting that aligns with Google’s changing algorithm and delivers the best results for Agital clients.

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