Agital Upgrades Media Mix Modeling, Strategic Insights for Marketers
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Agital Upgrades Its Media Mix Modeling Solution, Bringing Strategic, Tactical Insights to Marketers

New Media Mix Modeling updates give marketers a comprehensive interpretation of campaign performance to guide budget allocation across marketing channels.

June 11, 2024Agital, the digital marketing agency delivering measurable business results to marketers and business leaders, announced today updates to its Media Mix Modeling (MMM) solution within Agital Impact, its integrated technology platform. Agital’s MMM capabilities interpret campaign performance to provide clear insights, including which channels present the highest opportunity to scale ad spend and how much revenue can be expected from each dollar of spend in every platform. The upgraded MMM capabilities underscore the value of using statistical modeling in a privacy-compliant world to guide marketing decisions regarding media budget allocation across channels. 

51% of companies use at least eight channels to interact with their customers, representing a growing shift among marketers toward taking a holistic approach to connect with consumers at various touchpoints. New developments in AI and third-party cookie deprecation are transforming protocols for attribution and cross-channel optimization, and 60% of marketing budgets are wasted via blind spending. Marketers are challenged to measure across a growing number of channels to follow the customer journey and accurately understand the ROI of their strategy.  

“With Google’s pending third-party cookie deprecation and the ability to reach consumers on more platforms than ever, marketing professionals are seeking ways to better allocate their media budgets across more channels to promote growth at scale. The updates we have made to Agital’s MMM solution present a critical opportunity for marketers to make the best use of their budgets when reaching consumers at scale,” says Scott Smigler, Division President and Vice Chairman at Agital. 

Within the Agital Impact dashboard, the MMM solution empowers marketers to experiment with budget allocations, provides visibility into the forecasted impact on overall revenue, and uses insights from Agital Impact’s Marketing Activities report to scale media buying efforts in the highest-yielding campaigns. Paired with the MMM solution, Agital Impact’s Marketing Activities report helps marketers identify which campaigns are doing well on each channel, informing opportunities to scale budget on the  channels predicted to drive the most impact.

“At Agital, we aim to make our tools and reporting more accessible to marketers to accelerate revenue growth while maximizing marketing performance and profitability. With our updated MMM capabilities, marketers will better understand channel and campaign performance and remain adaptable to achieve scalable growth. Marketers are empowered to simplify complex data to inform strategic and tactical decisions, constantly optimizing planning to grow at scale across a multitude of channels,” said Frank Kjaersgaard, Chief Technology Officer at Agital.  

Agital Impact is available to all Agital customers and can be integrated to support strategies within platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. For more information on this industry-leading integrated technology platform, please visit

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