Unleashing Performance: Creative Refresh & Improved Targeting for SRP
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SRP Solar Choice

SRP (Salt River Project) is a not-for-profit organization that provides water and power to over 2 million Arizona residents.





Marketing mix

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The challenges

  • Awareness: Increasing awareness of sustainable energy program
  • Reach: Unclear targeting and messaging which hurt conversion
  • Performance: High CPC, CPL, and opportunity for optimization across Meta Ads

The problem

SRP’s Solar Choice program allows customers to opt in to a renewable energy plan. For just half a cent extra per KwH, customers offset their energy consumption with power provided by solar farms.

This program was suffering from low sentiment amongst SRP customers because they didn’t know what it was, how it worked, the impact it had, or what distinguished it from installing solar panels on your roof. SRP has set ambitious sustainability goals and prioritized Solar Choice accordingly.

SRP’s initial solution was to increase the Meta media spend dedicated to this program to boost awareness, but this effort did not move the needle on how well the campaign was performing. As their holistic marketing partner, Agital came to them with a comprehensive strategy that delivered the results they needed.

The solution

Agital noticed that this high-priority program needed more than money to drive better performance. Through research, our team found two primary contributing causes:

1. The ads lacked sufficient education and clear messaging to give users enough information to be interested.

2. The ad campaign was targeting users based on SRP’s CRM.

To address the first problem, we developed new assets that provided additional context with messages like “no equipment needed” to distinguish it from purchasing solar panels, “great for owners and renters” to communicate whom it applies to. We also included a pervasive sentiment that enrolling in this program is a simple and powerful way to contribute to sustainability in Arizona.

We also introduced a new Meta ad type, Collection Ads, that was more conducive to this messaging refresh and achieved an instant experience for users.

The results

Through our holistic approach of pairing a strategic, research-based messaging and creative refresh with smarter targeting, SRP’s Solar Choice Meta campaign was able to heat things up, plus cool them off, power the lights, and more.

Following the success of this program’s performance, SRP has asked Agital to audit and refresh their program marketing across offerings and channels. This work is still in progress but has already shown signs of similar success.

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What we do for SRP Solar Choice


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